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Stumbling into a Celebrity

I must mention, Tanya going to Brazil is making me a little jealous!!! I want to travel to the jungle too, but reality seemed to hit me hard this year. Any who, I decided to share  a few more backpacking stories with you. Check this out  ->

When I was getting ready to leave for Europe in 2004, many people told me two things. First you will find that one guy who you will  “fall head over heels” for and second you will meet many celebrities. Ya, so I always laughed at that, why? I just never believed in things until they really do happen. Well the truth is, it did!!!….. well kind of. As for the celebrity occasion, this is my story and maybe in a later post I will mention discovering a romantic affair. So this is how I stumbled into a celebrity.

Usually I am pretty good recognizing people by face, but this wasn’t my strongest moment. It was Feb 2005 only a few days after arriving in Dublin, Ireland. I was looking for a sports club around the neighborhood I was living in, to play women’s soccer for fun. There were many soccer fields around the neighborhood, so I thought I would just ask someone around the area to see if they knew of any women soccer teams. So I randomly went up to this handsome guy who carried a lovely smile that grasped my attention. Not really cluing in that the two men beside him were clearly bodyguards. I was too fixed on this guy’s charming looks.  I asked him a quick question in regards to a women’s football league. I must be honest, I was not really listening to what he said, since all that was going through my mind was “ I have seen this guy before!” He replied, chuckling in a different accent, “ no, not really from the area.” He just smiled at me and a little after a split second his bodyguards started laughing. I didn’t really think anything of it, until a lady walked pass me, smiling and mention under her breath, “ you do know that is Jude Law.” I didn’t have time to answer back, since she walked pass me very quickly, but wow I just laughed at myself, thinking… so I guess I can check that off my travel list; didn’t recognize Jude Law!!! So there it was, my friends from home were right, I did meet a celebrity!!!

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