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Twitter and Blogging; how it works for me

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In the Beginning I thought twitter was some over exposed media tool. I just didn’t see the objective of the whole status thing. It was more like, how do people find the time to keep updating their twitter with just a status quote of only a few characters allowed. What was the point? From followers, people who you were following, how do you keep track of it all? Also, how is everyone getting so much involved with some social media tool that really doesn’t do too much, but included a personal statues update. So with this all in mind, I decide to get more involved and find out what is so amazing about Twitter. Even though I was using so many different social media tools, everyone around me informed me that Twitter is big and you need to use it to your benefit. I started to randomly analysis other individuals tweets and how they were communicating between one another. I also noticed that more and more people would include links and some form of example of what was included in their status. As I got more and more into it, I found people and many of them were interested in the same thing as me; traveling. So basically I realized I created a theme within my own Twitter account. Once I saw all this happening very quickly, I knew right away that this tool was perfect for my blog. Plus I was wrong about finding time to tweet, it was easy. I could tweet on my phone or just grab so many different tools to tweet with.
From one social media tool, I was able to get in touch with a wide group of people who were doing the same thing as me, blogging. I found every time there was something new it was easy to get informed from just tweeting. Plus learning new skills from other fellow travelers who were bloggers, is very helpful too. Basically, it’s a community that can build and build. It’s perfect to increase traffic on your blog and also talk/share articles to others.

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