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Greek Islands… my pick.

Over the past few weeks, I have searched up and low for the perfect mix of a relaxation and adventure destination for our honeymoon. I went from researching the Hawaiian Islands to looking up destinations such as Aruba and Barbados. But in the end I finally decided that a honeymoon with a mix of exploring and relaxing on a beach is what we’re both really looking for, and the Greek islands included all that. I went through many tour books and searched the web for the best Greek islands tours and our favorite included an open tour. This means that our flights, airport transfers, ferries, and hotels are booked for us, but the remaining day-to day activities are left up to us. We knew this was the perfect choice for us considering how we love to adventure off and explore new places and also something just relax on a beach. We picked three islands to see, Corfu, Mykonos, and Santorini.


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Corfu is one of the far northern islands of all the Greek Islands, which is why many people may wonder if they’re in Italy or even Croatia. The mix of cultures on this Island is clearly defined. Corfu is a wonderful destination for hikers for there are thousands of trails across the island. The landscape is a natural beauty, which is why this island is also known as the Green Island. All you will see is turquoise coves and pine-covered hills in any direction that you turn. On the southwest side of the island, there are two amazing beaches to see, the Agio Giordos and the Agio Georgios. Rolling mountainsides surround each side of these beaches, giving it a paradise look.

A few places worth seeing in Corfu include Pontikonisi, known as the trademark of Corfu. It’s a little island that was built in the 13th century and only a church lives on it. It’s also used as a small fishing port. Another highly recommended site to see is the Byzantine Collection of Corfu. It’s the main gateway into Corfu’s Palaio Frourio, better known as the old fort. It dates back to 1550, and is located on the northern face of the Fortress.


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One of the smaller islands, Mykonos is one of the top destinations to see out of the Greek Islands. Since its small it can be easily explored. Mykonos is known as the beach paradise island, since there are tones of wonderful beaches to explore. The top few beaches are Platis Yialos, one of the most popular beaches and great for its variety of daily activities, such water-skiing, diving, pedal boating and more. There is also Ornos, Psarou, and Agios Stefanos. Even though this island is small, there are over 800 churches to visit on this islands, but you would never guess. A few other wonderful things to do on this island are jeep safaris, shopping, go karting, and explore the famous windmill museum.


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Santorini is not only the most fascinating destination but also the most talked about island of Greece. It’s the beauty of this island, that holds volcanic landscape, grey and red beaches, dazzling white and blue houses, stunning sunsets, and wonderful nightlife. Many people call this island the magical, fairly tale island. A few places to see in Santorini are Fira, the capital of Santorini. It was built on the edge of the west side of the island’s cliff. Many of the homes that lay on this cliff include a panoramic sea view. But to really catch the best sunset is to visit the town of Oia. It’s a place to stroll along the shopping sites and find a table at a café to enjoy the beautiful view of the sea and the mountains.

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