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Stumbling into a Celebrity

I must mention, Tanya going to Brazil is making me a little jealous!!! I want to travel to the jungle too, but reality seemed to hit me hard this year. Any who, I decided to share  a few more backpacking stories with you. Check this out  -> When I was getting ready to leave for Europe in 2004, many people told me two things. First you will find that one guy who you will  “fall head over heels” for and se ...

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Discovering Turkey

There are many cities to see, therefore I want to explore as many as possible. I would start in Istanbul to see the old city from where Byzantine and Ottoman Empires ruled. Visit the stunning blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, and the underground Cistern. Once the three days are over in Istanbul I will be taking a bus to Gallipoli. Gallipoli is noted for it’s ANZAC Cove and it’s WWI battlefields. Since it is very ...

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Sail Croatia’s Adriatic Coast?

One thing I have always wanted to do was sail along Croatia’s Adriatic Coast. I just have this image of private pebble bays, crystal white sandy beaches, historical medieval ports, and a sparkling turquoise  sea. This adventure was on my list for a while, but I still need to figure out how safe it is to travel Croatia as a solo-women backpacker. So like I did for my Egypt search, I viewed fellow blog sites ...

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Egypt? Tour? What one should I decide on?

I am still debating what adventure I want to explore so I decided to do some research.  My first choice is Egypt so I started investigating knowing that it will be the most dangerous quest . Out of this research I wandered across some  blogs that mention women traveling Egypt alone. From reading these blogs  I came to the conclusion that not even an experienced women traveler like myself should take the ris ...

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My next spontaneous adventure!

Routines, regular life gets dull and unexciting. As an obsessive backpacker, I need a new adventure once a year. I am planning on going early May to catch the best weather, so I need to start planning now. Yet, I have an incredibly long list of places/countries that I want to explore, but I have chopped it down to a list of three for my 2010 adventure. [caption id="attachment_432" align="alignleft" width="3 ...

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Solo-Female Backpacker? Here are a few quick tips!

Scared. Alone. Fear. Shy. These words cycled through my mind over and over again before I traveled as a solo- woman- backpacker. You may feel the same as a female backpacker, it’s only normal, plus there is really nothing to fear or be scared of, if you follow a few quick tips! ♦You got to have it, in you!!! If you really want to explore this world you need to be the type to have the heart, solo, love, pass ...

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