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Detour from South Africa to Mozambique

Africa can be a little more of a challenge to backpack than Europe, Asia and the Americas due to the lack of established transport, but that’s part of the adventure. After enjoying the sights, sounds and facilities in South Africa, take a detour to Mozambique – a complete tropical African adventure with a Portuguese flare. There are frequent buses into Maputo, Mozambique’s capital, from  Johannesburg and Ne ...

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South Africa. History.101

The most interesting part of visiting South Africa is definitely learning more about the country’s history. Johannesburg is not the most attractive city but let me tell you that it’s comparable to visiting a museum. It's safe to say that most of us are aware of the apartheid, at a minimum. We know that there was segregation between the white and the black population. And until Nelson Mandela came to power i ...

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A Wine Tour in South Africa

Even if you're not a wine junkie, you most probably know that South Africa is one of the top new world wine producer. If you didn't, well now you know! South Africa was introduced to wine when the Dutch arrived in South Africa. The first vineyard was introduced in Constantia which is the closest vineyard to Cape Town, perfect for a one day trip if you're tight on time. Otherwise, you can visit Stellenbosch ...

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Bulungula is Paradise, Really

Where to begin with Bulungula? I guess it all started when I was reading the lonely planet book to plan my backpacking trip to South Africa. I came across Bulungula without paying too much attention to it. It was only when I was reading the lonely planet forum for ideas that I noticed travelers emphasizing on making a stop in Bulungula. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to spend some time on the Wild ...

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A Road Trip in South Africa

When planning our trip to South Africa, it seemed obvious that renting a car would be the best option in discovering this country. Loads of people recommended it, so why not have the luxury of visiting a new country in a rental car? And so, that's exactly what we did. We booked the best small car on for about CDN$750 for 18 days with unlimited kilometers. Great deal we thought! Once we were ready ...

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First Impressions of Cape Town

Most tourists who travel to South Africa spend their time in and around Cape Town. And with good reason! Cape Town for me is a mix of Rio de Janeiro and Monaco. It resembles Rio because it has a mountain in the city and it's surrounded by beaches and it also has a touch of Monaco in the Clifton and Camps Bay area. The city offers a variety of activities such as enjoying the spectacular views from the top of ...

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South Africa, So Far So Good!

  I know it's my first post of the trip and I'm already halfway into it but it only means that I'm having a good time! So what are my thoughts on South Africa? Where should I begin... The trip began with two flights totalling 18 hours. After finally arriving in Johanesburg, we hopped in a taxi so we could get to our friend's house. And of course, the taxi driver was one week on the job, got lost and ch ...

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Bye Bye Montreal, Hello South Africa!

Departure time for South Africa has finally arrived. I can't believe it! The last few months have been so hectic that I didn't have time to be excited about this trip. But I must admit that today, March 3rd, I am happy to be leaving for the airport and to be sitting on a plane in just a few hours. South Africa, oh boy am I ready for you! Am I ready for this trip? I guess my answer would be yes and no. Yes b ...

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South Africa in Two Weeks

With only two weeks away from my 3-week backpacking trip to South Africa, I think I'm ready. Or kind of. Believe it or not, I'm really excited to fly with KLM Airlines again because my experience with them last year to Tanzania was great. We were stuck in the place for over 6 hours due to the weather conditions and KLM kept us informed and fed us the entire time. So with a quick stop in Amsterdam and then a ...

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