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Jodhpur – the place to start backpacking in India

Jodhpur, better known as the Sun City of India. Jodhpur is the center of Rajasthan and located on the northeast part of India. It is said that this year, Jodhpur is the perfect place to start your India adventure. A few places to see are the Period Rooms and the ancient sword that is located in the well-known museum in Jodhpur. However, the most important sites to see within this city are the streets and bu ...

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Full Moon Rave in Thailand

You know, the more you travel to remote places, the more crazy things you learn! Although I've already traveled to Thailand, I first heard about the Full Moon Rave in Brazil. I don't quite remember who told me (if you're reading this, let me know!!) but I stumbled upon it again so I decided to write about the topic. This is the deal. At every full moon, the party is at Had Rin Nok beach in the southeastern ...

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