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Top Private Stunning Beaches In The World

When it comes to a holiday or a vacation, many people resort to the Caribeans and to the most popular beaches around the world. Well below are just a few of the top private beaches around the world. Holbox, Mexico Holbox is part of the most northern tip of the Yucatan Peninsula. It is known for it’s white sandy, 12 km long beach and to be stunningly quiet. Most people believe this beach is to expensive to v ...

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Seven Craziest Roads and Streets in The World

Check out the 7 record breaking roads in the world: 1. Lombard Street, San Francisco (USA) is known for the World's most crooked road. 2. Swindon, England is known for the World's most confusing intersection. Don't get lost now! 3. Dunedin, New Zealand has the World's steepest road. You don't want to be going down this road if it's icy! 4. Buenos Aires (Argentina) is known as much more than just a tango cit ...

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A 1965 Boeing 727 hoisted to the top of Costa Rican Jungle!

Today in the paper I came across another hotel created as a plane. In my prior blog or so I mentioned a hostel as a plane, well check this out! A 1965 Boeing 727 hoisted to the top of Costa Rican Jungle. This hotel is a two suite, swinging, 1960’s style design. This plane used to be the main shuttled for globetrotters like us to travel to South Africa, but now it is restored into this unique jumbo hotel. Th ...

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Top 5 Hostels Around The World

In all my traveling I have been to some amazing hostels, however check out these top five hostels in the world and let me know your thoughts. Backpackers International Rarotonga Hostel - Cook Islands It’s a place were a white sandy beach and shining blue sea in just minutes away from your dorm. You can stroll along this paradise beach and wander around tropical green gardens to amazing waterfalls. Not only ...

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