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Backpacking around Wales

Wales has plenty to offer to people who like to get out and explore and enjoy the great outdoors. From coastal walks along rugged cliff tops to mountain climbs in some of the most breath-taking scenery in the UK, Wales can challenge walkers of all ages and abilities. The abundance of lovely Welsh cottages dotted all the country also means you can escape it all and relax in a calming environment. Here we sel ...

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The best walks in Yorkshire

The English county of Yorkshire has some of the most stunning scenery and challenging terrain in the whole of the UK, making it an extremely popular destination for people who like to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Affordable holiday cottages deals in Yorkshirealso allow visitors to be based pretty much right in the thick of some diverse walking trails that take in the unique and charming countryside ...

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Six of the most common misconceptions about Britain

There’s nothing worse than visiting a country and unintentionally offending the people you meet because of a cultural misunderstanding. To help anyone who is planning on visiting Britain in the not too distant future and possibly staying in Northumberland cottages with bags of character, Off-Track Backpacking have compiled six of the most common misconceptions so you can avoid any embarrassing mishaps. Ever ...

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Underground or Over-ground – A Brief Backpacker’s Guide to Getting around London

Everybody wants to do London, right? It’s on every true backpacker’s list. Even if you’re from England, your trip has got to either start or finish here. It’s a country within a city within a country. Image courtesy of Matt There are loads of free attractions like the National Science Museum and the Tate Art Museums and a hundred other sights and walks to see and do. You can have a picnic in Hyde Park one m ...

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Getting the best deals on Accommodation and travel around London

[caption id="attachment_4716" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Image courtesy of Mollyeh11"][/caption] London is the largest city in central Europe and is a buzzing and vibrant place. It is full of history, culture and heritage attracting millions of visitors from across the globe each year. There is something for everyone in this amazing city whether you're visiting on business; for a tour of the s ...

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