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The 2010 Winter Olympic T.V Channels. Who Will Get The Best Stories?

No matter where you are in the world or Canada the Olympic games will be on many different channels, but who is covering the biggest events/ stories? Well only a handful of networks get the real chance to feature the mainstream events and present the biggest highlights. All sport fans generally will be watching CBC. Yes, CBC will be covering your biggest fans, but the main source to keep your eyes glued to ...

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Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

Believe it or not, the next Winter Olympics is just around the corner. The opening ceremony will take place on February 12!  And you know what? This Winter Olympic will be hosted in the warmest location in the history of the winter Olympics- Vancouver, Canada! As athletes around the world get ready to perform at this year's Olympics, their ultimate goal is to WIN- to win a medal. But what about these medals ...

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Top 5 Hostels Around The World

In all my traveling I have been to some amazing hostels, however check out these top five hostels in the world and let me know your thoughts. Backpackers International Rarotonga Hostel - Cook Islands It’s a place were a white sandy beach and shining blue sea in just minutes away from your dorm. You can stroll along this paradise beach and wander around tropical green gardens to amazing waterfalls. Not only ...

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