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Pucon, Chile & The Horseback Riding Adventure

Horseback riding through mountains, forests, and rivers seems tranquil until…. In 2009 I took a backpacking adventure into the wilderness of Southern Chile. I went during their fall season, so the weather was just a bit mild but not too hot to feel terribly uncomfortable. So the outdoor activities were endless. Many new exciting activities were shown to me, therefore as being a huge outdoor person I took fu ...

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Earthquake in Chile

Most of you have already heard about the earthquake that hit Chili with a magnitude of 8.8 on March 2nd. As most of us were still devastated by the one that hit Haiti, we found ourselves once again, feeling that devastation for Chile. Although this is the type of news we don't want to hear, we need to expect it. Some countries are not as well off as others because of their location on the map. Some are more ...

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Why Backpack Easter Island?

Just off the coast of Chile, Easter Island is now becoming one of the more popular tourist locations in South America. It’s not only a stunning location to visit but the history behind the Island is very out of the ordinary. It holds one the worlds mysteries; 15 imposing figures that stare off into the distance. Over 1,000 years ago a few Polynesians canoed over to this remote island and created 900 long-fa ...

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Toe Shoes; Perfect For Backpackers

[digg=] This year in April I went backpacking in South America. I traveled Argentina and Chile for two weeks. My trip was mainly discovering the astonishing landscape by doing activities such as hiking, water rafting, biking, and horse back-riding. But before I started my trip I assumed the weather was going to be average 20-15 degrees, since th ...

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