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Best Shopping Streets in the World

No matter where in the world I find myself, I'll always make a quick shopping stop. Let it be in local markets or on very famous streets, it's a must! Below is a list of some of the most famous shopping avenues I had the opportunity to visit. Shopping just never gets old! 1. Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles, US: There was no way I was going to visit Los Angeles without strolling down Rodeo Drive. Let's face it, I c ...

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Tangier, My First Step Into Africa

My first step in Africa was getting off a ferry from Spain and landing in Tangier, Morocco. As I did all I remember thinking is, oh this is not what I imagine Africa to be like. In a good way too, only because I pictured something else entirely and Tangier really opened my horizon to explore more than just a culture. Tangier in my mind was filled with charming markets, amazing food, decades of history, and ...

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How to Eat Healthy While Backpacking

Eating healthy while traveling can be a challenging task. But well worth the effort of trying to eat healthy- at the least! The one main advantage of sleeping in hostels is the convenience of having a common kitchen where you can cook your own meals. Not only is it healthy, but also cost-efficient. And as we all know... backpackers are poor! Or should I say, they try to maximize the number of places they ca ...

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How to Pick Your First Backpacking Destination?

So you've probably been thinking about going backpacking and beginning to feel ready to take the leap of faith! The first step is figuring out where to travel to. As an experienced backpacker, I would suggest you stick to a place or region or country you are already familiar with. I don't necessarily mean a place you traveled to but at least that you can relate to. But if that would make you feel more confi ...

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