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A Taste of Vietnam

Once in a while on my lunch breaks from work, I try eating something different. Usually I go for sushi since I love it so much, but lately I have been trying a few Vietnam dishes. Even though I am still in my home country, I find trying many different cuisines is always fun. Though one of the best parts about traveling that I seem to love, is actually trying the many different kind of dishes other countries ...

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Appreciating Diversity

I was on my way to work, as every other Thursday morning. I'm normally lucky enough to get a seat from my station but not that day. But it's ok because I woke up in a good mood and full of energy so standing up didn't bother me. The one problem I had was my absence of Metro newspaper. It's my drug in the metro, I need it every morning. So my metro ride was a little long and boring. There is only so much to ...

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Brigadeiro. A Taste of Brazil

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="Source:"][/caption] I was actually in Montreal when I first tasted brigadeiros, a Brazilian dessert. It was delicious and I couldn't eat just one! So I knew that I had to eat some more when traveling in Brazil. And I did. And I did again. YUM! One year after eating my first brigadeiro, I got the itch to attempt making ...

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Russian Food, Do You Like Or Dislike?

Over the last few days, I have encountered many individuals who have traveled Russia and who are from there. Each time we chat about the Russian food, I get different a perceptive. Some people love the food and others completely hate it, the ones who love it mention the food is very tasty and perfect for the winter months. The people who hate it say it is because the Russian cuisine is composed of only a fe ...

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This is Why I Love my City, Montreal!

People! I've traveled to many, many cities. Anywhere from Barcelona, to Buenos Aires, to NYC, to LA, to Bangkok, to Marrakech, to Rio. Now, I did indeed have a great time in all of these cities. But in all honesty, Montreal, my hometown, kicks ass! [caption id="attachment_6692" align="aligncenter" width="597" caption="Courtesy of slack12 (Flickr)"][/caption] Festivals Montreal is definitely known as one of ...

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The 2 P’s of Hungary. Paprika and Palinka

Hungary is a country filled with culture. From taking a boat ride on the Danube to eating tasty goulash in a Hungarian restaurant, there is no doubt you'd enjoy your stay in the country. Budapest, which is the combination of Buda and Pest, separated by the Danube, is a city that will take your breath away. Either strolling through Hero's Square in Pest or walking through the Castle District in Buda, there i ...

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Eating Chocolate in Oaxaca (Mexico), A Real Treat

Beautiful art, great markets and historical monuments is what to expect when backpacking in the colonial city of Oaxaca. As one of the most traditional region to visit in Mexico, you will undoubtely enjoy your stay there. One thing caught me by surprise though. The quality of the chocolate in Oaxaca! As most people, I enjoy eating chocolate. Anything related to chocolate will satisfy a craving. Now, what I ...

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I Believe

 In prepartion for the Olympics, a theme song was created and the perfect voice was required to sing it. This is where Nikki Yanofsky came along... Both the perfect song and the perfect voice make this a perfect video. [youtube=] I Believe. Athletes must believe in themselves, in their capabilities,  if they want to win a gold medal at the Olympics. I Believe. Docto ...

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