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Canicule Tropicale: A combination of Vintage Music & Fun Atmosphere

For you people from Montreal looking to escape the long winter and want to get a glimpse of a hot and fun atmosphere should check out Canicule Tropicale. Canicule Tropicale is a monthly event that normally takes place at El Gallego (4602 St-Laurent) in Montreal.  Philippe Noel, the founder of the event and main DJ had a few answers to my questions. What do you wish to accomplish when organizing your monthly ...

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Going Home

Today is officially my last day in Tanzania and Africa all together. I'm so sad! It's funny how I look work all year to treat myself to an amazing trip, to plan and prepare for it, look forward to it, and with a blink of an eye, it's all over. But I began another year with another awesome experience. Two thumbs up for me! I love this song "Going Home" from Mark Knopfler. [youtube= ...

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Mas Que Nada

Anyone who knows a little about Brazilian music or who has traveled to Brazil, they most probably know Mas Que Nada, from Sergio Mendes. It was one of the most popular songs of this Brazilian musician back in 1966 but it became particularly popular when Black Eyed Peas did a remix of it in 2006. Enjoy both versions below! [youtube=] [youtube= ...

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