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Eating Chocolate in Oaxaca (Mexico), A Real Treat

Beautiful art, great markets and historical monuments is what to expect when backpacking in the colonial city of Oaxaca. As one of the most traditional region to visit in Mexico, you will undoubtely enjoy your stay there. One thing caught me by surprise though. The quality of the chocolate in Oaxaca! As most people, I enjoy eating chocolate. Anything related to chocolate will satisfy a craving. Now, what I ...

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Sugar Shack, Cabane à Sucre

As winter is almost coming to an end; snow is melting, milder weather and lots of sun, it only means one thing for us Quebecois- Sugar Shack or Cabane à Sucre! If you traveled to the Northeast in the spring and didn't visit a Sugar Shack- shame on you! As the leading region for Maple Syrup, spring is the time of the year where the Maples trees in Quebec slowly begin to unfreeze. This means that the the sap ...

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The Best Bar Locations

Now every bar usually just ends up to be a bar, nothing special. Just a place for us to grab a drink and chill. Well well, you may be surprised but sometimes bars are design as an art form. Well take a look and find out what ones you need to grab your next drink at. Basil's Bar in Mustique This bar will seem very laid back and causal, but really its nothing like that. It sits on stilts over looking sparklin ...

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Weird & Wonderful Foods Across The World

Whenever I backpack I always want to try new things, such as freaky foods. I never get the chance to try crazy, strange foods when I'm home so why not try it while I am vacationing. I have found some crazy foods, that might compile you in trying , when you start your backpacking adventure. Fried Tarantulas-Combodia Now if you hate spiders I would stay right away from this. They are huge spiders that are sol ...

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International Culinary Delights- Eating Snake in Vietnam

One of the best parts of traveling is eating local dishes. Those who know me know I have a passion for food. I’ll try anything from snake to white worms to alligator. One delicacy to try if you are in Vietnam is snake. Here is a little story: I found myself traveling in Hanoi, Vietnam during the Winter 2006-2007. The lonely planet book we had mentioned a few places so why not really immerse ourselves in the ...

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Risky Drinks Around The World

Throughout the years I have gone from loving a classic sweet alcohol beverage to now thoroughly enjoying a glass of red wine. Over the years I guess my taste buds have definitely changed, but also my thoughts about calorie intake and how dangerous certain drinks can be. So I went wandering off a little to find the most risky drinks around the world. Now a few of these drinks I have heard of from my past bac ...

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