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What to Pack in my Backpack for Brazil?!

Now that my visa is ready and my vaccines are over with, I need to focus on packing my backpack. The problem is that I don't even know where to start because I'll be in 3 totally different climates during my trip! But I got to start somewhere so let's do this one step at a time: 1. The Amazon: It's hot, it's humid and it's sticky! There are bugs, insects, birds, fish and reptiles all over the place! I'll be ...

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Preparing for Brazil

For the last two years, I’ve been talking about going on my solo backpacking trip to Brazil. After falling in love with Argentina a few years ago, I am now ready to fall deeply in love with Brazil.  I was initially supposed to pack my backpack and leave last December but then the recession hit North America and I was jobless. One year later and with much excitement, I’m finally getting ready for my solo 3-w ...

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Solo-Female Backpacker? Here are a few quick tips!

Scared. Alone. Fear. Shy. These words cycled through my mind over and over again before I traveled as a solo- woman- backpacker. You may feel the same as a female backpacker, it’s only normal, plus there is really nothing to fear or be scared of, if you follow a few quick tips! ♦You got to have it, in you!!! If you really want to explore this world you need to be the type to have the heart, solo, love, pass ...

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