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Saving Money While Backpacking

Backpacking is really just a way to travel without spending too much and using it wisely. You don’t necessary have to be extremely cheap, but just watch what you spend and where you spend it. I don’t know about you, but I rather spend my money towards activities and fun doings rather then food. So here are a quick few travel tips I learned in how to save money while backpacking. Accommodation Never stay in ...

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My Disastrous Experience with White Water Rafting!

A while back, my friend planned a white water rafting trip for her birthday. Open to doing new things, I said yes in a heartbeat. Signing my life away on the site prior to embarking on the raft seemed like no big deal at the time. Oh boy was I wrong! As a previous competitive swimmer, water was my best friend. I practically lived in it so I definitely had no fear of it . I foresaw no issue with going white ...

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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Prince Edward Island (Canada)

If you're not Canadian, you most likely never heard of Prince Edward Island (PEI), an island located in the Canadian Maritimes.    Birthplace of the Confederation Charlottetown, the capital of PEI is where everything began in regards to the Canadian Confederation. In 1968, a meeting took place between representatives of British Colonies to discuss the Canadian Confederation. After much talking, Canada was b ...

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How to Make Your Winter FUN!

It's the month of February and for everyone living north, that translates to WINTER! While most people complain about the cold, the snow and the hibernation months of winter, I keep on racing against time to check off everything from my winter list of activities. Get into winter activities. Rule number one if you want your winter to fly by is to actually enjoy the winter season. Yes people! You can actually ...

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