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My Adventure in the Brazilian Amazon Jungle

So to my surprise, I woke up with a sore throat yesterday and after visiting the doctor today, I apparently have pharyngitis as well as high fever. Unable to move and only a few days until I depart for my big trip, I am freaking out! Anyhow, let's just hope that I'll be feeling better by Sat... So far, I still don't have my internal flights in Brazil and I didn't book anything in Bahia- which, honestly, I'm ...

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Egypt? Tour? What one should I decide on?

I am still debating what adventure I want to explore so I decided to do some research.  My first choice is Egypt so I started investigating knowing that it will be the most dangerous quest . Out of this research I wandered across some  blogs that mention women traveling Egypt alone. From reading these blogs  I came to the conclusion that not even an experienced women traveler like myself should take the ris ...

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My next spontaneous adventure!

Routines, regular life gets dull and unexciting. As an obsessive backpacker, I need a new adventure once a year. I am planning on going early May to catch the best weather, so I need to start planning now. Yet, I have an incredibly long list of places/countries that I want to explore, but I have chopped it down to a list of three for my 2010 adventure. [caption id="attachment_432" align="alignleft" width="3 ...

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