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Sleeping When There Is Nowhere To Sleep

If it’s one month or a year of traveling there will always be times when you will be sleeping in places you would never expect. Most of the time you will be spending your nights in a hostel, but there will be times where you'll find yourself sleeping in a train station, airport, park bench or even outside of the hostel doorsteps. Yes, I have done it all. For the most part sleeping in airports were the most ...

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Stuck in an Airport Overnight

Have you ever been stuck in an airport overnight because of a flight delay or cancellation? Or did you already book a cheaper flight to your destination where the second leg of your flight was only departing the next morning? These situations are most likely to happen once in your life. For those more frequent travelers, I'm sure it already happened multiple times.   [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width ...

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I just wanna go home!

Back in 2005, I spent almost 7 months in Europe. Studying, traveling, partying and eating, I was indeed ready to go back home after an abundance of all those things! But just when you think you're right around the corner of your house, you get a surprise! If  you have a good memory, you'll remember that the London metro bombings took place on July 5 of 2005. To my luck, my flight back home was departing fro ...

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Ugly, Creepy, Unique Airports Around The World

I know most of you don’t really consider any airport interesting or at all glamour. Yet, there are a few airports that stand out as particularly egregious. First or all there are a few airports that have gone out of their way to create a beautiful airport, for us travelers, however there are a few that top the list of the ugliest. Below I included a list of the world’s ugliest Airports. John F. Kennedy Inte ...

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How To Keep Your Backpack Safe

When I backpacked Europe for the first time, I used a travel backpack that had wheels. Now let me tell ya, it was so difficult to carry! Plus keeping an eye on my bag was even more frustrating. Below are a few tips I have learned over the years in my travels, in how to keep your backpack safe. When you are sleeping on a train, bus or even in an airport, there is a high chance that your bag can get stolen. S ...

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