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Should Your Bike Also Have a Backpack?

For all your adventurous people out there, this is a two-wheeler that can be converted into a backpacker in a matter of minutes. So if you're going on a biking trip, you should definitely consider this cool item! The Bergmönch includes a helmet net, a storage area for 12 liters of gear, and a study water-resistant exterior. The whole thing weighs about 9kg (20 lbs). More Information on the Backpack KNOW HOW ...

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Do Celebrities Backpack?

You may be surprised in how many celebrities actual backpack like the rest of us. Yes they travel due to their work and their vacations are usually made up of expensive, luxurious resorts, but sometime they change it up a bit and try hostels. Lately Sienna Miller was interviewed and her next adventure will be made up of hostels! Miller one of the top photographed stars is planning to attempt a typical backp ...

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How To Keep Your Backpack Safe

When I backpacked Europe for the first time, I used a travel backpack that had wheels. Now let me tell ya, it was so difficult to carry! Plus keeping an eye on my bag was even more frustrating. Below are a few tips I have learned over the years in my travels, in how to keep your backpack safe. When you are sleeping on a train, bus or even in an airport, there is a high chance that your bag can get stolen. S ...

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Why Backpack Easter Island?

Just off the coast of Chile, Easter Island is now becoming one of the more popular tourist locations in South America. It’s not only a stunning location to visit but the history behind the Island is very out of the ordinary. It holds one the worlds mysteries; 15 imposing figures that stare off into the distance. Over 1,000 years ago a few Polynesians canoed over to this remote island and created 900 long-fa ...

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Backpacker’s New Years Resolution

As the New Year approaches and new years resolutions are floating around people minds, another event occurs for us backpackers. A time for planning and drawing on the world map, in where to adventure next! I always make a new years resolution, in promising that I will explore some crazy place in this world. However, since this is now a typically occurrence for me, I just decide to choose a few different res ...

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Discovering Turkey

There are many cities to see, therefore I want to explore as many as possible. I would start in Istanbul to see the old city from where Byzantine and Ottoman Empires ruled. Visit the stunning blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, and the underground Cistern. Once the three days are over in Istanbul I will be taking a bus to Gallipoli. Gallipoli is noted for it’s ANZAC Cove and it’s WWI battlefields. Since it is very ...

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What to Pack in my Backpack for Brazil?!

Now that my visa is ready and my vaccines are over with, I need to focus on packing my backpack. The problem is that I don't even know where to start because I'll be in 3 totally different climates during my trip! But I got to start somewhere so let's do this one step at a time: 1. The Amazon: It's hot, it's humid and it's sticky! There are bugs, insects, birds, fish and reptiles all over the place! I'll be ...

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