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Meeting Fellow Backpackers & Questions

After a period of time of backpacking and meeting new people, there is a time where you will realize what are the first top 10 questions you might say or someone else might ask you. It’s funny, to even think there are 10 of the same questions every time you meet someone new. Although it’s completely true! It’s a little like going on a date with someone you don't know and starting a conversation, usually it’ ...

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A Few Of The Best Hiking Locations In The World

Hiking while backpacking can be one of the best ways to see the landscape or villages of a country. I found this out, by exploring Cinque Terre in Italy a few years ago. I have never experienced such fantastic hike from village to village until I finished hiking Cinque Terre. While I was in Europe many backpackers recommended me to do hiking, so I decided to choose Cinque Terre to get me started. Oh and wow ...

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Flight Prices Are Increasing For The Summer Months

The other day I was chatting with a friend who works for a travel agency and she was mentioning that if I wanted to fly somewhere this summer I better book now. Because starting June 11-12 all airlines are increasing their prices. Once I heard this I knew I had to look more into this. So I found out that according to a study of one of North America’s airline, all prices are sky -rocketing for the summer mon ...

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Now a more convenient way to stay in touch while traveling

While I was backpacking in Europe for an entire year, keeping in touch was something that I didn’t do too often. I usually would write a quick email to my family to let them know my whereabouts and that I was safe, but as far as emailing friends I usually wrote a quick, short email. Though back then Facebook didn’t exist or cheap(er) data phones. So staying in touch took more time, compared to now by writin ...

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Backpackers; Where To Stay During The Winter Olympic Games?

Now I know most backpackers who are attending a few of the games have already booked a hostel. For those who haven’t, below is list of hostels to check out that are still available. Vancouver The Source Hostel is just located 927 Main Street downtown Vancouver and is open 24 hours. This hostel offers room rates such as double room (two beds) for $55, but during the games the price will increase to $155, how ...

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What Backpacking Travel Guidebook Do You Prefer?

When I traveled Europe back in 2005, I never used a book or any sort of guide. Well I didn’t really know anything like a backpacking travel guidebook existed. It wasn’t until I met someone who have a Lonely Plant and showed me how easy it was to find the best hostels, the best site seeing locations, and the cheapest places to eat great food. This is when I knew backpacking could be easy for anyone. This boo ...

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Money Belts, Are They a Great Idea?

I tend to find myself double-checking my bags over and over again before I enter the country I will be backpacking. The thing is I usually wear a money belt while I am on a long flight, but whiling backpacking a money belt has its pro and cons. As a traveler I seen many tourists carrying their money belts outside and exposing it, or even trying to hide it under a rack of clothing, but no matter what it is s ...

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