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Well Hello there…. WINE COUNTRY

Any time, any day, the Okanagan Valley offers an abundance of activities and attractions for everyone. But what is so amazing about this place is the amount of wineries you can chose from. There are over 20 different wineries to stubble upon and most of them are family owned businesses that have been around for centuries. You can easily take a mini trip and ditch everything, even your car and just bike arou ...

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Should Your Bike Also Have a Backpack?

For all your adventurous people out there, this is a two-wheeler that can be converted into a backpacker in a matter of minutes. So if you're going on a biking trip, you should definitely consider this cool item! The Bergmönch includes a helmet net, a storage area for 12 liters of gear, and a study water-resistant exterior. The whole thing weighs about 9kg (20 lbs). More Information on the Backpack KNOW HOW ...

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Visiting Washington D.C: The Birth Of American Democracy

  When we think of backpacking, we rarely think about places close to us, such as Western Canada or even the Northern  USA. We all know that backpacking is far more exotic and adventurous in the jungles of South America, in the historic streets of Europe or in the ancient hispanic civilizations of Mexico. But, I think it is very important to discover the interesting stories of places just like Washington D. ...

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Still in Rio but Leaving for Bahia Tomorrow

Wow, I don't even know where to begin. So much has happened since I last wrote. When I first got to Rio, I was a little scared and lonely- but so much has changed in the last few days! I met lots of people at the hostel and we spent an awesome New Year's Eve together!  After visiting the main touristic places at the beginning of the week, I spent the remainder of it exploring it my way! On my third day in R ...

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