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The Lesser Known Hiking Trails Of Japan

People have explored pretty much every corner of the world, and where you can travel, you can backpack. There is almost no stone unturned, it’s true, but there are still some places that fewer backpackers have ventured as they are off the main travellers’ routes. Japan is a case in point, and even more so, the government constructed hiking trails that run up and down the Japanese countryside. So, if you hap ...

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Camping at Bon Echo Provincial Park

The best part of September is spending your evening around the fire with a hoodie. It's the perfect time of the year to go camping and that's exactly what I did with friends. Nara and I finally had the opportunity to hang out, after 6 months! Who says camping can't be fun?! Bon Echo is a provincial park located by highway 41. We reserved two lots at the Sawmil  campsite, to the left of the park entrance. We ...

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Planning a Camping Trip

With the long week-end approaching, Nara and I are particularly excited because it means we'll be seeing each other! With her living in Toronto and I in Montreal, we normally make it a point to see each other every few months. But unfortunately, the last time we saw each other was February so we are long overdue to spend some time together and with friends. For the both of us, long week-end normally transla ...

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Gone Camping!

Nara and I. Reunited. For a week-end. Camping. In Ontario. Canada. As most of you know, Nara and I met 5 years ago while backpacking in Portugal. While she lives in Toronto and I live in Montreal, we still managed to stay friends throughout the years. While the blog keeps us close, we're not always physically in the same location! But last week-end was a different story... Since the both of us are adventuro ...

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Upcoming Summer Festival Destinations

This post is for all those backpackers who aren't planning a huge backpacking adventure this year. Take a quick peek at the music filled festivals below. So if you really want to party and have a good time, I say hit up at least one of these festivals!! Coachella – California Two days of sunshine, amazing sound, and living in your tent! The hippie chic festival is all about rock, style, and having a blast. ...

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