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My Trip To France

During the month of April I have just spent the last three weeks traveling around the world. Well kind of, I went from Cannes, France to Varadero, Cuba. Although France was a work trip it did feel like a little vacation, only because I was away from the office for three weeks. But Cuba was my vacation and spending it with great friends was amazing. First I will start with a little about my trip to France. I ...

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Stuck in Cannes, due to a Volcano

>>Yes, I am one of the many thousands of people stuck with no flight home. Its really crazy to think that a volcano in Iceland has caused all this craziness and mess all over Europe. I was suppose to leave this morning for Toronto, although all western, northern European airports are closed until Wednesday. So as a result my flight was pushed to Wednesday and get this, I leave very soon after to Cuba! ...

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My Last Few Days Left In Cannes

After a few days of meetings and chatting with many people, this work event has gone very smoothly, even though there are thousands of people from across the world that are exchanging ideas and creating new ones, the scene can be very overwhelming. However, for me it is a huge learning environment that makes me want to learn even more about producing and the whole concept of the entertainment industry. Plus ...

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Feels good to be back in Cannes, France

After 13 hours of flying, I have finally arrived in Cannes, France. As first impression after five years, its a whole lot of wow. Things have change! I know, not very usual for Europe, but its not the buildings that have changed its the amount of stores and resturants that have been added to the water fronts main street. There are now many designers stores, which is what I expected since Cannes is the cente ...

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FRANCE – a week long trip!

This Saturday is the big day!! I am hoping a plane to head over to FRANCE. As mentioned in a pervious post I am going to Cannes, France for work. So no backpacking Europe but at least I will be out of the country and seeing a new city. Well kind of because I have already seen Cannes before, but that was five years ago. So lots of change has happened since than, well for me anyways. So why am I going to Cann ...

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Off To Cannes, France In April

In a few weeks time I am off to another country! Yay! No I am not backpacking or taking a vacation, but I am traveling. I will be in Cannes, France for work!!! It’s going to be about a week long trip of work and little play, but it’s going to be exciting to be back in Cannes again. About five years ago around this time, it was my very first time in Cannes. As I think about that now, wow time passes very qui ...

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