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Great Places to Backpack in South America

South America is a huge continent of diverse people's, nations, and cultures. The continent is also home to some of the most picturesque and accessible nature-areas in the world, as well as many local economies centered on tourism with an emphasis on simple living and affordability. Geographically, South America also offers a wide variety of landscapes to explore. From dense jungles and rainforests to snow- ...

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World’s Largest Swimming Pool

In Chile, there is a pool that looks like a lake, where people not only swim but also sail and do all the non-motor boat activities. The pool is located in San Alfonso del Mar in Algarrobo where many hotels along the beach share the same pool. The pool is about 1,000 yards long and covers 20 acres that hold about 66 million gallons of water. Plus it's also 115 ft in the deep end of the pool. Sounds more lik ...

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Pucon, Chile & The Horseback Riding Adventure

Horseback riding through mountains, forests, and rivers seems tranquil until…. In 2009 I took a backpacking adventure into the wilderness of Southern Chile. I went during their fall season, so the weather was just a bit mild but not too hot to feel terribly uncomfortable. So the outdoor activities were endless. Many new exciting activities were shown to me, therefore as being a huge outdoor person I took fu ...

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Earthquake in Chile

Most of you have already heard about the earthquake that hit Chili with a magnitude of 8.8 on March 2nd. As most of us were still devastated by the one that hit Haiti, we found ourselves once again, feeling that devastation for Chile. Although this is the type of news we don't want to hear, we need to expect it. Some countries are not as well off as others because of their location on the map. Some are more ...

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Looking Back at 2009

2009 was a year of many changes. I went from working full-time as a producer to part-time school to back to full-time work and between the mist of it all I did tones of traveling. It was a bumpy ride but it was year of finding out what I really wanted to do in life. Well you know the answer to that, ever backpacker knows that traveling non-stop is the number one dream. But really my two most important thing ...

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Toe Shoes; Perfect For Backpackers

[digg=] This year in April I went backpacking in South America. I traveled Argentina and Chile for two weeks. My trip was mainly discovering the astonishing landscape by doing activities such as hiking, water rafting, biking, and horse back-riding. But before I started my trip I assumed the weather was going to be average 20-15 degrees, since th ...

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