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Top Nightclubs In Europe, That You Don’t Want To Miss Out On!!!!

Wandering off to dance and hit up the best nights in Europe is all about the adventure of backpacking. In Europe there are many nightclubs, but there are only the best that are the must on your  Europe night club check list. Not only do they have the best DJs in the world, but the clubs themselves are stunning. Space A nightclub that holds a dynamic atmosphere of about 20,000 people dancing and with an echo ...

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Why Become a Backpacker?

Well in reality I don’t think I ever asked myself that question. I believe it was just a bug that streamed in my blood and would always keep pinching me to do adventure after adventure. I just could never get enough of exploring new cultures, places, and countries. Being a backpacker is really wanting to be free and creating your own adventures. However, you need to have it in you in order to get the freedo ...

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Backpacking Mishaps

A trip for backpackers is not always a splendor vacation it is more like quest. From my past experiences of backpacking I came across situations that always seemed to arise more than twice. It may have been just my luck, since I am a very unluckily person, but after a while I heard that these occurrences happened to most backpackers. Missing a train Running after a train, with a heavy backpack is a common o ...

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