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Canada’s Apple History

[caption id="attachment_5154" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="photo credit:"][/caption] Only a few more days to gear up for one of Canada's most historic festivals. The apple festival. A community in northern Ontario called  Iroquois is celebrating a piece of history that very few Canadians know about. It will be held on September 17th. It's a festival about celebrating a farmer ...

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Jodhpur – the place to start backpacking in India

Jodhpur, better known as the Sun City of India. Jodhpur is the center of Rajasthan and located on the northeast part of India. It is said that this year, Jodhpur is the perfect place to start your India adventure. A few places to see are the Period Rooms and the ancient sword that is located in the well-known museum in Jodhpur. However, the most important sites to see within this city are the streets and bu ...

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Upcoming Summer Festival Destinations

This post is for all those backpackers who aren't planning a huge backpacking adventure this year. Take a quick peek at the music filled festivals below. So if you really want to party and have a good time, I say hit up at least one of these festivals!! Coachella – California Two days of sunshine, amazing sound, and living in your tent! The hippie chic festival is all about rock, style, and having a blast. ...

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Why Backpack Easter Island?

Just off the coast of Chile, Easter Island is now becoming one of the more popular tourist locations in South America. It’s not only a stunning location to visit but the history behind the Island is very out of the ordinary. It holds one the worlds mysteries; 15 imposing figures that stare off into the distance. Over 1,000 years ago a few Polynesians canoed over to this remote island and created 900 long-fa ...

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