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Brazil and K’Naan

I came across another Wavin' Flag (K'naan) video but this time, the theme was the Brazil World Cup 2014. I couldn't help myself but post it. I know we've all heard this song far too much in the last few months but the video really reminded me of my last backpacking trip in Brazil so I just had to! [youtube=] ...

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World Cup Deception For Italians and French and Celebration for South Americans

We all know that this World Cup is very unusual, the Italians, 2006 champions and the French, 2006 finalist, are out of the competition. I cannot recall the last time that both the French and the Ialians did not participate to the knockout round of the tournament. With them, joins Greece, and most African teams, except Ghana who have surprisingly passed. But there is good news for the South American teams, ...

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FIFA World Cup Commercials!

If there is one really exciting aspect of worldwide events, it's definitely the commercials.  Check out these 3 commercials. This is a really fun commercial! We all know about the rivalry between Argentina and Brazil, especially when it comes to soccer (or should I say football). The AD is about Argentines who drink Skol (a Brazilian beer) and then begin dancing samba. It's fun! You'll enjoy it. [youtube=ht ...

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The Buzzing Sound Behind The FIFA World Cup Games

The first game I streamed online was Mexico vs South Africa. The game was great but there was annoying bee-like sound throughout the entire game: Bzzzzzzzzzzzzz, Bzzzzz, Bzz. It's enough to drive you crazy after 90 minutes of game time. So what is it, anyway? That buzz is the sound coming out of the Vuvuzela, a plastic horn blown by South African fans. This "instrument" is the result of a failed toy importe ...

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World Cup Opening Ceremony 2010

As much as we would like to watch most games from the World Cup, most of us are unfortunately stuck at work 5 out of 7 days.  Timezones are a pain! After missing the opening ceremony on Friday, I had to check it out online. I was very surprised to see the presence of South and North American singers at the opening ceremony. Here is a glimpse of the peformances that took place on the opening night of the FIF ...

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World Cup only 2 weeks away!

The world cup kicks off in just over two weeks and everyone’s eyes will soon be glued to the T.V. Well mine will be for sure, since I am a huge soccer fan! Plus it is only natural that I support England since half of my nationality is British. Although, if they lose, Portugal will be my next choice! But besides supporting the teams, there are three major cities that you must lay your eyes on if you are one ...

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So this is it ladies and gentlemen, the hockey season is officially over for the Montreal Canadiens, our beloved team, who went down 4-1 in the series versus Philadelphia. But hey! Great news, we have two weeks left to clear our throats and relax before we start cheering again for a soccer team in the 2010 FIFA World  Cup in South Africa. Now, we all know how important soccer is becoming in North America an ...

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South Africa, World Cup 2010

World Cup is quickly approaching and are you ready to hit up an adventure over to South Africa and get a game in that budget of yours? Well, back in the day I was planning this big trip with a few people to backpack South Africa and to see at least one game for the World Cup 2010. However, life got a little busy for a few including me and now no one can make that trip, but as for I it is still on that list ...

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