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Flight Attendants Dancing to Lady Gaga

The flight attendants of Cebu Pacific Airlines found an original and fun way to communicate the safety rules prior to taking off. Check out this video! [youtube=] ...

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Stuck in Cannes, due to a Volcano

>>Yes, I am one of the many thousands of people stuck with no flight home. Its really crazy to think that a volcano in Iceland has caused all this craziness and mess all over Europe. I was suppose to leave this morning for Toronto, although all western, northern European airports are closed until Wednesday. So as a result my flight was pushed to Wednesday and get this, I leave very soon after to Cuba! ...

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Steps to Planning Your First Backpacking Trip

Have you been thinking about going backpacking but don't know where to start? If you are, no worries, because you are part of the thousands of people who have been thinking about it for years now- but who are unfortunately still thinking about it! 1. Choosing your destination and reading about it: The first step is knowing where you want to go and doing some research on your destination. You can choose to r ...

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Flying within Brazil

Flying in Brazil is like flying in North America- you buy a ticket, hop on the plane and head towards your destination. I must say that I realize how blessed I was to be flying in Argentina 2 years ago for so cheap! Now that I'm looking at internal flight prices in Brazil, I'm noticing that it's double or triple the flight cost than I was paying in Argentina.  This being said, I decided to fly standby inste ...

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