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Portugal, mix of old and new

The capital of Portugal, Lisbon, is an international hotspot for tourists, it´s the second oldest capital in Europe and home to some of the world´s greatest explorers. Here´s a fun fact for you that I bet you didn´t know about Lisbon: it´s never been signed on an official document as the capital of Portugal, not like all the other capitals, crazy huh?! Anyway back to the point, Lisbon is full of various thi ...

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Let Your Stomach Decide

If you are looking for a deliciously different holiday destination, then you are probably thinking with your stomach. If the world is your oyster (or other favourite shellfish) then here are a few ideas to get your juices flowing… Japan – the home of all things raw and beautifully presented, Japan constitutes an incredible cultural experience for westerners, especially when you venture off the beaten track. ...

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The Mexican Version of Tex-Mex

Most of us refer to fajitas, tacos and guacamole as Mexican food. In every North American city, you’ll find tex-mex restaurants- restaurants claiming they offer Mexican food but let me tell you, it’s far from being authentic. Then you have those higher scale restaurants where you pay $20 for tamales. Yes, the tamales taste ok, but tamales for $20? They are nuts! When spending 5 months in Mexico, I must admi ...

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Weird & Wonderful Foods Across The World

Whenever I backpack I always want to try new things, such as freaky foods. I never get the chance to try crazy, strange foods when I'm home so why not try it while I am vacationing. I have found some crazy foods, that might compile you in trying , when you start your backpacking adventure. Fried Tarantulas-Combodia Now if you hate spiders I would stay right away from this. They are huge spiders that are sol ...

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