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The Best European Pubs to Enjoy Your Drink This Summer

In summer, many people prefer to hang out in a pub or bar and treat themselves with a refreshing drink. This is also their favourite pastime with friends and family. This article has listed the top-notch places across Europe where drinks are served with immense love and a number of unique attractions. Ye Olde Fighting Cocks in St. Albans, UK This is an age-old pub in the UK that belongs to the ancient Egypt ...

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Travelling etiquette around the world – how to fit in with the locals when eating and drinking on your travels

Experienced travellers will know that there's nothing worse than insulting a particular custom or tradition, but thankfully, by learning a little bit about travel etiquette, it's easy to avoid this predicament. Instead of horrifying your hosts, aim to impress by being aware of cultural differences and respecting them, especially when it comes to eating and drinking. One of the greatest pleasures of travelli ...

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Off the beaten track in Berlin, Germany – “Devil’s Mountain”

Teufelsberg is an abandoned listening post built on top of a man-made hill in former West Germany. The hill is said to contain rumble of some 400,000 odd buildings from Berlin during the post World War II clean up and rebuilding years. It was also constructed directly on top of a former Nazi military-technical college. The college was virtually indestructible (in true Nazi architecture) and survived several ...

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Top Nightclubs In Europe, That You Don’t Want To Miss Out On!!!!

Wandering off to dance and hit up the best nights in Europe is all about the adventure of backpacking. In Europe there are many nightclubs, but there are only the best that are the must on your  Europe night club check list. Not only do they have the best DJs in the world, but the clubs themselves are stunning. Space A nightclub that holds a dynamic atmosphere of about 20,000 people dancing and with an echo ...

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