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Accommodations In South Africa During The FIFA 2010 World Cup

With just a few months to go, the games will begin!!! The kick-off at the FIFA 2010 World Cup brings together millions of screaming, cheering fans to watch their favorite team win. Now if you are one of those lucky people that will be watching a game, I do hope you have your accommodation booked because as of now numerous hotels are fully booked. However if you are making this trip a real vacation, take a l ...

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How To Keep Your Backpack Safe

When I backpacked Europe for the first time, I used a travel backpack that had wheels. Now let me tell ya, it was so difficult to carry! Plus keeping an eye on my bag was even more frustrating. Below are a few tips I have learned over the years in my travels, in how to keep your backpack safe. When you are sleeping on a train, bus or even in an airport, there is a high chance that your bag can get stolen. S ...

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Backpackers; Where To Stay During The Winter Olympic Games?

Now I know most backpackers who are attending a few of the games have already booked a hostel. For those who haven’t, below is list of hostels to check out that are still available. Vancouver The Source Hostel is just located 927 Main Street downtown Vancouver and is open 24 hours. This hostel offers room rates such as double room (two beds) for $55, but during the games the price will increase to $155, how ...

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Steps to Planning Your First Backpacking Trip

Have you been thinking about going backpacking but don't know where to start? If you are, no worries, because you are part of the thousands of people who have been thinking about it for years now- but who are unfortunately still thinking about it! 1. Choosing your destination and reading about it: The first step is knowing where you want to go and doing some research on your destination. You can choose to r ...

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Backpacking Mishaps

A trip for backpackers is not always a splendor vacation it is more like quest. From my past experiences of backpacking I came across situations that always seemed to arise more than twice. It may have been just my luck, since I am a very unluckily person, but after a while I heard that these occurrences happened to most backpackers. Missing a train Running after a train, with a heavy backpack is a common o ...

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