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Saving Money While Backpacking

Backpacking is really just a way to travel without spending too much and using it wisely. You don’t necessary have to be extremely cheap, but just watch what you spend and where you spend it. I don’t know about you, but I rather spend my money towards activities and fun doings rather then food. So here are a quick few travel tips I learned in how to save money while backpacking. Accommodation Never stay in ...

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A little Advice for Traveling Europe, this Summer!

When the summer hits, I usually get a mailbox filled with emails that are asking me for advice for traveling Europe. I find every year more and more young people are getting the itch to backpack Europe. It’s mostly questions about Europe only because it’s the easiest/safest destination to start the backpacking experience. I did it. But once Europe is under your belt it soon turns into Asia, South America an ...

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Crazy Themed Hostels and Hotels Around The World

As a true backpacker we stay in hostels during our stay in a city, but as a backpacker you often come across some crazy hostels/hotels. A few maybe in the most remote places, others might just have the strangest themes to them. Check out these crazy hostels/hotels in the world, and tell me who wouldn’t want to experience these places. 1. In New Zealand, Woodlyn Park you can stay in a hotel and live like a h ...

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Hostels & How Unique They Can Be

Check this video out and see how unique hostels can really be. Many new backpackers aren't aware of how amazing hostels can be. Plus many people don't realize what hostels can offer. Let me know your thoughts about this video. There are still lots more of what hostels can offer, but first go and explore a few and you will see how much fun they are!! ...

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The Truth About Hostels

Whenever I leave for a backpacking adventure many people ask me the same question. “ So where do you stay when you backpack?” As like every true backpacker, I answer, “ In hostels.” And everytime I say that, others tell me, “ Really, you stay in those places.” Its like there is something wrong with the idea of a hostel. In the public eye, hostels are seen as dirty, scary, and impersonal. This is only becaus ...

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Top 5 Hostels Around The World

In all my traveling I have been to some amazing hostels, however check out these top five hostels in the world and let me know your thoughts. Backpackers International Rarotonga Hostel - Cook Islands It’s a place were a white sandy beach and shining blue sea in just minutes away from your dorm. You can stroll along this paradise beach and wander around tropical green gardens to amazing waterfalls. Not only ...

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What Backpackers Shouldn’t Do

Whether you are new to backpacking or not, there are some fundamental rules to follow. Yes, I know what you are thinking RULES?... for backpackers!! But yup, trust me there are a few you will want to follow! Don't annoy the people sleeping in your dorm Sleeping in hostels means sharing your room with other backpackers. This can range anywhere between 4 to 12 people per room, on average. So if you want to go ...

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Discovering Turkey

There are many cities to see, therefore I want to explore as many as possible. I would start in Istanbul to see the old city from where Byzantine and Ottoman Empires ruled. Visit the stunning blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, and the underground Cistern. Once the three days are over in Istanbul I will be taking a bus to Gallipoli. Gallipoli is noted for it’s ANZAC Cove and it’s WWI battlefields. Since it is very ...

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