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July 2013 – A month never to forget

July has been a month filled with travel, adventure and life changing experiences! It all started July 1. I left for India for two weeks. It was my first real trip that I didn't plan and it was my second time to Asia. But this time I was in the real Asia. (Well from my perspective) My first stop was Delhi, a busy city filled with endless amounts of history and lots of culture shock. But the highlight was se ...

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The Art of India

[caption id="attachment_4294" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Photo credit:"][/caption]For years now, I have always dreamed of exploring the land of India. With its history linking back thousands of years that includes invasions, the rise and fall of empires, colonization and the independence. It has made me want to wander around and explore the country’s culture and traditio ...

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Root Bridges in India

While most famous bridges around the world are built, a Northeast region in India called Cherrapunji is famous for bridges that are grown. Yes, grown! This part of India is one of the most humid and wet regions of the world which allows for an abundance of rivers and rubber trees. Bridges are grown over rivers by using a nut trunk to lead the root of the rubber tree in the right direction. The root will eve ...

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Jodhpur – the place to start backpacking in India

Jodhpur, better known as the Sun City of India. Jodhpur is the center of Rajasthan and located on the northeast part of India. It is said that this year, Jodhpur is the perfect place to start your India adventure. A few places to see are the Period Rooms and the ancient sword that is located in the well-known museum in Jodhpur. However, the most important sites to see within this city are the streets and bu ...

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