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A Reef Created from 400 Human Bodies

400 human bodies created a reef? Sounds a little crazy or even spooky. I would think so at first too. Although this is actually an artifical reef that was created from 400 lifelike human sculptures. But what is even more interesting about this reef is that these sculptures have a special material in them that attracts the under water animals. So not only do humans swim and take advantage of exploring these ...

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Getting Lost In Mexico

Did you ever get lost in another country without having the slightest idea of where you were ? If not, your very lucky but also, you've missed a crazy experience. Back in 2005 when I went to Mexico to meet up with my sister, I had a whole week to myself, alone in Cancun before she would come to join me at the hostel. So there I was in downtown Cancun, no, not on the strip where all the tourists are, but in ...

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The Mexican Version of Tex-Mex

Most of us refer to fajitas, tacos and guacamole as Mexican food. In every North American city, you’ll find tex-mex restaurants- restaurants claiming they offer Mexican food but let me tell you, it’s far from being authentic. Then you have those higher scale restaurants where you pay $20 for tamales. Yes, the tamales taste ok, but tamales for $20? They are nuts! When spending 5 months in Mexico, I must admi ...

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Once Upon A Time in Latin America: The Aztecs, the Mayans and the Incas

Have you ever had a conversation with family or friends on mankind's first appearance or on the beginning of the world? In Mexico, Central America and South america, there are plenty of myths describing how the three big latin american civilizations were founded. Just to refresh everyone's memories, the three main civilizations are the Aztecs, the Mayans and the Incas. For all of you travellers that already ...

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Discovering Manà. A Mexican band.

One of the many joys of traveling is discovering of new music. When visiting a country, travelers should take the time to enjoy the music from the region. Manà is a rock band from Mexico that has been around for about 20 years now. They sold over 22 million albums. Never heard of them? It doesn't surprise me. ¡Que disfrutas!  [youtube=] ...

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Cuatro Cienegas, Coahuila (Mexico)

Ever dreamed of sitting in a thermal bath in the middle of the desert while looking at a mountaineous lanscape? Do you think it's only possible in your dreams? Think again... Your dream may become reality. I had the opportunity to visit Cuatro Cienegas while I was studying in Monterrey, Mexico. Cuatro Cienegas is by far my favorite place in Mexico and a MUST SEE if you ever wander off to the Northern part o ...

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