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Adam’s Attic, Check it Out!

I stumbled upon this video on YouTube and felt like sharing it with you.  Adam’s Attic Is an original rock band that moved from New Orleans (Louisiana) following the wake of hurricane Katrina.  They settled into Los Angeles, CA shortly after and have been busy creating and playing music ever since. Wonder how they came up with their name? Their songs are relationship drama-based and they thought Adam was th ...

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Shakira in Montreal!

When I first arrived in Mexico for a second semester abroad, I barely spoke any Spanish. I knew the basics, "Hola", "Como estas", and so on but I clearly wasn't ready to entertain a conversation with others. I have to admit that my first month was pretty rough because of the language barrier I was facing. One way I tried to learn Spanish, other than in class was through music. I would listen to songs and re ...

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Discovering Manà. A Mexican band.

One of the many joys of traveling is discovering of new music. When visiting a country, travelers should take the time to enjoy the music from the region. Manà is a rock band from Mexico that has been around for about 20 years now. They sold over 22 million albums. Never heard of them? It doesn't surprise me. ¡Que disfrutas!  [youtube=] ...

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Upcoming Summer Festival Destinations

This post is for all those backpackers who aren't planning a huge backpacking adventure this year. Take a quick peek at the music filled festivals below. So if you really want to party and have a good time, I say hit up at least one of these festivals!! Coachella – California Two days of sunshine, amazing sound, and living in your tent! The hippie chic festival is all about rock, style, and having a blast. ...

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