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Zip Lining in Northern Quebec

Check out my ZIP LINING experience. It was pretty amazing! ...

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2011, Victoria Day – Long Weekend.

The summer season is officially here, but sure as not feeling it. At the moment I feel like I am living in a rainforest, it just hasn’t stopped raining. So this long weekend, I have planned to enjoy the time off as much as possible even if it does rain. Therefore, my boyfriend and I are taking a little road trip up north into the canyons. Well sort of, it’s actually only an hour in a half north of Ottawa an ...

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Winterlude Festival in Ottawa

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="202" caption="Source: Ottawa Festivals"][/caption] If you don't know what to do this weekend, why not head to Ottawa for their Winterlude Festival? There, you'll enjoy a skating experience on the World's biggest skating rink, ice sculptures and North America's largest snow playground! The festival is between Feb 4 and 21st so this is your last chance! It's a great w ...

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A Few Of Canada’s Highlights

To all you Canadians out there, tell me what your number one city is in Canada? Now this can vary in how you categorize it, but as far as backpacking and sightseeing goes, what is you favorite place? I am one of those backpackers who probably traveled more in different countries rather than my own. Considering how much I love traveling you would think I would have seen more of Canada, but I haven’t. I think ...

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An Afternoon in the Canadian Parliament (Ottawa, Canada)

[caption id="attachment_1854" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Canadian Parliament"][/caption] I was in 6th grade last time I stepped foot in Ottawa. What do I remember about my class trip? Well, not much! After so many years, I decided to go back. Why? Because now I have a friend  who lives there! If there is one thing you will quickly learn about me, it's that I normally take road trips to places ...

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