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A Little Of Africa

Less than a month away Tanya, is flying off to Africa!!! Off-Track Backpacking is so excited for her and to hear all about this amazing travel adventure. However, about a month ago, my brother and parents took the challenge to see a little of Africa too. I wanted to share a few pictures of their adventure, but also to give you a little a pre-view of what Tanya will be experiencing very shortly!! Take a gand ...

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Malaria Pills: Do or Don’t

Prior to my trip to Brazil last winter, I made a quick stop to the Travel Clinic to get important shots for Yellow Fever, Typhoid and Hepatitis A. The doctor also recommended I take Malaria pills since I was spending 6 days in the Brazilian Amazon. There are several types of Malaria pills: Mefloquine, Malarone, Doxycycline and Fansidar. My doctor recommended the Malarone pills, which I believe are the most ...

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Flight to Kilimanjaro International Airport, Booked!!!

Today is a special day! After two weeks of pure procrastination, I booked my flight! I began searching for flights a few weeks back and found one itinerary that I liked for a good price. Now, good price when flying Montreal-Kilimanjaro doesn't mean exactly cheap but let's just say it was the most affordable option. I've never really been a procrastinator when it comes to booking travel until it was time to ...

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Tangier, My First Step Into Africa

My first step in Africa was getting off a ferry from Spain and landing in Tangier, Morocco. As I did all I remember thinking is, oh this is not what I imagine Africa to be like. In a good way too, only because I pictured something else entirely and Tangier really opened my horizon to explore more than just a culture. Tangier in my mind was filled with charming markets, amazing food, decades of history, and ...

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Racial War in South Africa May spoil the 2010 FIFA World Cup

 Hi everyone, my name is Anthony and I am a new blog writer for Off-Track Backpacking. I am currently a Political Science student at UDM. I concentrated my studies in international politics such as Latin America, Eastern and Western Europe, North America, Africa and Asia. Travelers are not always aware of the political climate when traveling abroad so I'll be focusing my posts on this matter. So let's start ...

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The World Travel Awards

I am not sure if you have heard of the World Travel Awards Middle East Gala Ceremony, but it’s coming up very soon!!! May 3rd, 2010 is the big day for the Nominees. These awards focus towards all the continents that show the highest achievements in all categories of travels. The Travel awards are equivalent to the Oscars; it is a very big deal for those who are in the industry. Now how does this affect us b ...

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