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Safety Travel Tips For Women

When I backpacked Europe of a year, I had to find smart, easy ways to keep my most important belongings close to me. Not only my valuables I had to take special care of, but also myself. Since it is a fact that all women need to travel 100 percent more carefully than men, due to basic problems that can occur very easily. A few quick tips I have learned over that last few years from backpacking is watch the ...

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South Africa, World Cup 2010

World Cup is quickly approaching and are you ready to hit up an adventure over to South Africa and get a game in that budget of yours? Well, back in the day I was planning this big trip with a few people to backpack South Africa and to see at least one game for the World Cup 2010. However, life got a little busy for a few including me and now no one can make that trip, but as for I it is still on that list ...

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Money Belts, Are They a Great Idea?

I tend to find myself double-checking my bags over and over again before I enter the country I will be backpacking. The thing is I usually wear a money belt while I am on a long flight, but whiling backpacking a money belt has its pro and cons. As a traveler I seen many tourists carrying their money belts outside and exposing it, or even trying to hide it under a rack of clothing, but no matter what it is s ...

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What airline do you choose?

Before I book my trip I always have the hardest time in finding what airline is best, cheapest, and flexible. I usually book last minute and when I am in the country I am backpacking I sometime just book a flight that day. Ya, I do everything last minute! It can be scary but really it is just because I’m not sure what airline to pick! Qantas Airlines All Australia’s know how to travel when using their leadi ...

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