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What will Travel Insurance Cover me for

[caption id="attachment_7767" align="aligncenter" width="670" caption="Photo credit:"][/caption] Besides deriving maximum fun from your travels, you should also be travelling with peace of mind with the help of a travel insurance policy. Getting travel insurance that provides adequate coverage will ensure that you are protected against all uncertainties and any adverse events during ...

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Prepare before you fly – What you need to do before going overseas

Going on holidays can be exhilarating and life changing. It opens your eyes to new cultures, people, places and things, providing you with experiences you can’t find anywhere else. Going on a holiday overseas can be a wonderful break from the office and everyday life. But it is also important to be prepared before you go and make sure you take the right documents and get all the right vaccinations and neces ...

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2 More Days until My PERU ADVENTURE!

Two more days until I fly out to Cusco! I am so excited but at the same time, there has been so much preparation for this trip that everyday for the last few weeks has been hectic. Even though it’s a holiday, the prep that goes into a backpacking trip can be overwhelming. All the small things to be done and organize for a trip like this can be exhausting. But the great thing about all this preparation is th ...

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5 scenarios your travel insurance may not cover

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="303"] Image courtesy of Ben Beiske[/caption] After a few harshly-learnt lessons myself, I know the sheer importance of travel insurance. After being stranded in Paris over Christmas when the Eurostar broke down (worse than it sounds!), and getting stuck in the Algarve with no money when my purse was stolen; the few dollars I now shell out for insuring my travels is t ...

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Top travel insurance tips for your backpacking trip

Backpacking is a fantastic way to emerse yourself in new cultures and see the world, however, there are many risks involved in backpacking.  Quite often you will stand out as a tourist and be easy prey for the experienced criminal.  As well as this you are more likely to try out new exciting activities such as moped riding, scuba diving, white water rafting, skiing or mountaineering just to name a few.   Th ...

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Travel Insurance. Do You Need It?

When backpacking the most unpredictable events can happen and normally there is not much you can do about it. However, there comes travel insurance, to solve all those high risks of problems. Yet, on the other hand do most backpackers even consider travel insurance? Throughout my backpacking adventures I came across almost more than half of all backpackers don’t have travel insurance, some had reasons like; ...

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South Africa, World Cup 2010

World Cup is quickly approaching and are you ready to hit up an adventure over to South Africa and get a game in that budget of yours? Well, back in the day I was planning this big trip with a few people to backpack South Africa and to see at least one game for the World Cup 2010. However, life got a little busy for a few including me and now no one can make that trip, but as for I it is still on that list ...

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