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Over Rated Tourist Traps Around The World

Every backpacker/tourist goes to these places when traveling, only because they are "the must see" and most popular sites that are very unique. Yet, since they are like this, they are swarmed with tourists and really over all , a very big tourist trap!!! The Blarney Stone 120 steps up a steep, narrow staircase to kiss a rock. Remember that after you kissed this famous rock, that about millions of others hav ...

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Off To Cannes, France In April

In a few weeks time I am off to another country! Yay! No I am not backpacking or taking a vacation, but I am traveling. I will be in Cannes, France for work!!! It’s going to be about a week long trip of work and little play, but it’s going to be exciting to be back in Cannes again. About five years ago around this time, it was my very first time in Cannes. As I think about that now, wow time passes very qui ...

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Do Celebrities Backpack?

You may be surprised in how many celebrities actual backpack like the rest of us. Yes they travel due to their work and their vacations are usually made up of expensive, luxurious resorts, but sometime they change it up a bit and try hostels. Lately Sienna Miller was interviewed and her next adventure will be made up of hostels! Miller one of the top photographed stars is planning to attempt a typical backp ...

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Twitter While Backpacking- A Perfect Combination

In the last few years, microblogging has become very popular. One of the most popular ones out there is TWITTER. You may not be very familiar with using twitter but I bet you've at least heard about it. So how does it work? You start by creating a twitter account and voila, you are now a twitter user! The whole purpose of using it is to let people know (in 140 characters or less) what you're up to. You can ...

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The World Travel Awards

I am not sure if you have heard of the World Travel Awards Middle East Gala Ceremony, but it’s coming up very soon!!! May 3rd, 2010 is the big day for the Nominees. These awards focus towards all the continents that show the highest achievements in all categories of travels. The Travel awards are equivalent to the Oscars; it is a very big deal for those who are in the industry. Now how does this affect us b ...

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Long-Distance Relationships- Can They Last?

You're in a stable relationship for a year, or two, or four, or whatever. Things seem to go well. You are both happy with each other and enjoy spending regular quality time together. Then, an opportunity arises for one of you to study or work abroad for a few months... would you take the opportunity and risk the relationship? Although enthusiasts would argue that a solid relationship can survive the distanc ...

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Egypt? Tour? What one should I decide on?

I am still debating what adventure I want to explore so I decided to do some research.  My first choice is Egypt so I started investigating knowing that it will be the most dangerous quest . Out of this research I wandered across some  blogs that mention women traveling Egypt alone. From reading these blogs  I came to the conclusion that not even an experienced women traveler like myself should take the ris ...

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