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Solo-Female Backpacker? Here are a few quick tips!

Scared. Alone. Fear. Shy. These words cycled through my mind over and over again before I traveled as a solo- woman- backpacker. You may feel the same as a female backpacker, it’s only normal, plus there is really nothing to fear or be scared of, if you follow a few quick tips!

♦You got to have it, in you!!! If you really want to explore this world you need to be the type to have the heart, solo, love, passion, strength, and the WANT to discover and create your own adventure!

♦Travel without being afraid. You need to know your limits, take precautions and definitely use your common sense to make smart choices. As I say a lot in my experiences (see feature stories) “I had a GUT feeling”, in other words trust your instincts. As women we naturally feel more frightened.

♦People are naturally good at reading body language. Use your body language as a tool, but be intelligent/aware of your actions. Feel and look confident at all times, even when you feel scared as hell. Never make eye-to-eye contact with people on the street; you will place yourself as a target. Also at all times when alone, walk like you know where you are going, and try your best not to act like a tourist.

♦Know what is appropriate to wear in the countries you visit. Don’t wear your normal, fashionable clothing, it will mark you has a target. It is hard, but try to wear outfits that aren’t so appealing or revealing. You don’t necessary have to wear exactly what that country’s culture image is, but I would avoid short skirts! Trust me, I made that mistake and every guy that is young or old was pointing, and staring at me.

♦When it comes to exploring or doing anything at night, don’t take any risks. Make sure you are back safely at your hostel/lodging when it is dark, if you are alone. At night, cities transform and busy places are not so welcoming. So be double the times, more aware of your surroundings.

♦As for the last tip, HAVE FUN! Enjoy every minute of your adventures cause times rolls pretty quickly when you are having a fun!

So ya, I gave you a few tips, but really all this is just to tell you to be aware of your surroundings!!!! I gotta say, the craziest moments will happen to you  and trust me they will catch you right off guard. But they will make your stories a lot more interesting!

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  • Lola

    Great site and Thanks for posting!
    Im going on my first solo backpacking trip (THRU ASIA no less) in less than a month and I am so SCARED!!! But excited too! :)
    Good luck on your travels!


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