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My next spontaneous adventure!

Routines, regular life gets dull and unexciting. As an obsessive backpacker, I need a new adventure once a year. I am planning on going early May to catch the best weather, so I need to start planning now. Yet, I have an incredibly long list of places/countries that I want to explore, but I have chopped it down to a list of three for my 2010 adventure.


Croatia: Two weeks of unforgettable sailing around the Dalmatian coastline and soaking up the sun in the Adriatic Sea. From exploring the stunning historical and cultural sites in the city, Split to jumping from waterfalls in Krka and snorkeling the reef of Kornati. Combined with visiting five different islands and discovering coastline villages, which include picturesque cafes, restaurants, and shops.

Turkey: Discovering Turkish treasures on a two-week backpacking spree. Seeing the whirling dervishes, astonishing Mediterranean beaches, and uncovering the ancient ruins of Troy. In addition, witnessing one of the ancient’s wonders of the world; Temple of Artemis. Also strolling through ruins of Roman Hierapolis, castles, canyons, and seeing surreal landscape.


Two weeks of exploring the Egypt’s pyramids, Valley of the Kings, cruising the Nile, and chilling out on the beaches of the Red Sea. Also wandering over to the country of Jordon and seeing the site of Petra, with a leisurely hike to the Dead Sea.


So in a very brief description there are my next trips. Yet, I need your help in choosing what one I should take, since I really can’t choose!!!  What trip captures your attention? Let me know what you think would be the most exciting!

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  • Tanya

    Girl, I say you def hit Egypt! Although Mel can give you more info on the beautiful places in Turkey, I’d go to Egypt first. We need a break from traveling in Europe! Do some research on traveling alone as a female in Egypt though… There are some shady areas.

  • Ed B

    Your picture of ‘Turkey’ with the sculpted head reminds me of the Olmec heads in Central America. Strange how similar styles range throughout the world !

  • Andrea

    I haven’t been to Croatia or Turkey, but I can tell you that Egypt is definitely a place you won’t regret going to. I spent 3 weeks there, and I still want to go back!

    Don’t know if you’d want to do Egypt solo though…foreigners get harassed in general, and it’s even worse if you’re a female. I’d look into some tours just to avoid the harassment – it’s likely worth it (especially in Luxor).

    I have some detailed posts re: Egypt on my website so feel free to check it out.

    Whatever you decide, I’m sure it will be awesome.

    • offtrackbackpacking

      Thanks Andrea for the input, I will definitely be researching tours, and guides.

      P.S your blog is great!!!

      • Andrea

        Thanks for the feedback!

        Just wanted to add that I went with the tour company Gecko’s for my Egyptian adventures. I was on the Egypt Encompassed tour and it was fabulous because they only use local guides who know the cities inside and out. Check out their website ( …even if you don’t go with them, their itineraries are useful to look at when planning your own. And of course, you’re welcome to ask me anything as well. I’m no expert, but I do recommend horseback riding by the pyramids at night!

        P.S. found your website via the departures fan page on facebook. great marketing!


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