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Celebrating 2010 in Rio de Janeiro

Ok ya’ll… Where in the world would you rather be than RIO to celebrate the New Year?! Right…. Rio is THE place to be! With Copacabana & Ipanema beaches, the opportunity to admire the sunset in Arpoador, visit the statue of Christ the Redeemer, have lunch in Santa Teresa and party in Lapa, how can you NOT want to be in Rio ?!

If everything goes well, meaning that I do hop on a plane in Manaus and not get stranded there, I will be in Rio de Janeiro for New Year’s Eve this year! With a hostel only a few blocks away for Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, I’m super excited! Here are the top 5 places to party for New Year’s Eve in Rio… let’s welcome 2010! 

Note that 1 Canadian Dollar is equal to 1.6 Brazilian Real.

1. Museu de Arte Moderna- Oh yes, this is a New Year’s Eve party in the Museum of Modern Arts in Rio! As most other South American parties, it’s always cheaper for women than men. The cost of this party is R$290 for women and R$340 for men. That price includes all you can eat buffet and all you can drink bar.

2. IATE Club- Seems to be a cool loungy ambiance by a pool deck. It’s also an all you can eat and drink concept. It’s R$390 for women and men.

3. Reveillon Carioca- Another great place to party to welcome to New Year. It’s R$450 for women and R$500 for men. It includes a buffet and open bar in the lovely city of Rio.

4.Reveillon da Hipica- This club located near one the new 7 wonder’s of the world, has a hall, a restaurant, a balcony and patio! Again, with an all you can eat menu and open bar, women pay R$330 and men pay R$390.

5. Reveillon Planeta Rio- With a countdown to the New Year, this party will take place on a premise in downtown Rio.  Women payR$130 and men pay $R150. This one also offers buffet and open bar although it doesn’t seem to be as glamorous as the previous ones. That would probably explain to lower entrance price!

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  • Sophia

    Uummmm, why are you risking it?! book your flight and garauntee yourself being there for the New Year’s of your Dreams! You know what would be even better?! If I was there too LOL!

    • offtrackbackpacking

      Flights are between 400-500$, it’s way overpriced. I’ll just book it once I get there. And if Manaus-Rio is full, I’ll fly to another city (close to Rio) and then bus it to Rio. There is always a way :)

  • Sophia

    Good! You made it sound like there was a chance of you not making it. You gotta!

  • Adam T.


    Remember last year, from 10:00 pm Dec. 31st 2008 to 10:00 am Jan. 1st. 2009… All I kept hearing from you was “Why am I not in Rio?? I wanna be in RIO!!!, RIOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” LOL… We’ll look at missy now!!! Just remind me to teach a few keywords in Portuguese before you leave like:

    - Where is Pao de Acucar?

    - Where can I purchase one ticket for the Favela Tour, I have a thing for the slums… LOL

    All jokes a side… have a great trip… be safe.. and stay away from too much Cachaça, what am I saying… go nuts on the Cachaça!! LOL.

    See you in 2010!!!


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