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H1N1 Shot May be Required when Flying to Some Countries

Yes, I know, we don’t want to hear about H1N1 anymore because most of us have had an overdose of H1N1 news in the last few months. Although deciding whether to take the H1N1 vaccin is a personal decision, there is a possibility that some countries require to see proof of H1N1 vaccination in order to enter the country. As we are entering the busiest travel time of the year- The Holidays- it may be important for you to read about it and make sure that the country you are flying to doesn’t require a vaccination certificate.

Some governments have already imposed their own screening measures: If you are traveling to China, you may get stopped for medical examination if they believe you contracted the virus. Consequently, you’d be quarantined for at least 7 days. In Japan, officials are also conducting medical examinations on-board planes if they believe that you have the virus. In India, you may have to fill out a medical questionaire prior to entering the country.

Every country currently has different  requirements regarding the H1N1 flu but for all of you Canadians who plan to travel in the next few weeks or months, do make sure to consult the following site for more information regarding  the country you are traveling in: Be safe! You don’t want to spend 2 weeks in bed while on vacation!

Just for the record, I did get the shot last week-  it wasn’t painful (at all!) and my muscle was just a little sore for the next 2 days. There were no irritations or complications. I decided to take it because I may sit next to someone on the plane who has contracted the virus and that last thing I would want for myself is to be sick in bed during 2 out of the 3 weeks in Brazil. Think about it…. And for those of you not traveling anywhere during the Holidays, do remember that you will be surrounded by many people (family & friends) during this time. It’s an easy way to contract the virus.

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