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What City Would You Rather Spend Christmas In?

Christmas is just around the corner and there is no better way to spend Christmas then in these cities.

New York City – Experiencing the bright department store lights, the large dazzling Rockefeller Christmas tree and skating in Central Park. New York City is filled with holiday spirit and wonderful festivities throughout the city. Explore a little and go up the Empire State building and over look the dazzling, shinning christmas lights all over the city. One thing I love to do is people watch, so head over to central park take a seat on a park bench and just watch and listen. I say this is one city you need to hit up during the holidays.

Whistler, BC – The city is surrounded in this beautiful crystal layer of white snow flakes that brings a joy to anyone during the holiday season. This village is a wonderland  of for all types of skiers and snow-boarders. But the perfect day for me in this village would be skiing all day, having a hot chocolate when done the day, and during the night eating around a warm, blazing fireplace while looking towards the mountains. Wouldn’t you say.. cozy? Also, Whistler offers a Christmas village train that can take you around the village to explore all the celebrations and festivities during the season. Now wouldn’t you say that sounds like the perfect cozy Christmas holiday.

Wellington, New Zealand – Traditional parades take over this city during the holidays. Christmas music swipes throughout the city’s street and grabs numerous resident’s attention towards all the exhibitions and festivals. Music concerts are very popular during the holidays and tickets always sell out quickly, so the number one thing to do in Wellington is see one of these notable Christmas concerts. Not only music concerts are one the resident’s minds, but also swimming. Remember it’s now New Zealand’s summer!

Geneva – A playground of an enchanting white wonderland of snow, which is filled with excitement. Geneva is known for its Christmas markets, which drive people to explore the city during the season. Yet, the number one smell that drives you to these markets is the Gingerbread. Local markets of chocolates, pastries, and gingerbread are made with the up most craftsmanship. With people buzzing around the markets, another major event takes part within the city. The international Christmas tree event. This is event is well know all over Europe.

Paris – Christmas in Paris is known to always be superb, no matter what. Seasonal sights are visible with decorated windows at the Galeries Lafayette, the Bon Marche, and the Printemps. Lights glow all around the city, especially on Avenue Montaigne. Christmas trees are planted across the city including Champs-Elysees. Over all the most well known fashion designers turn all their talents to decorating these tree. Yet, my favourite part about Christmas in Paris is the Eiffel Tower. It turns into a fizzing light that looks like champagne.

I decided these are the perfect cities to spend Christmas in. Wouldn’t you say so?

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