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The Red Rock…

Every since I knew about this rock, years ago, I have been fascinated about it. Everyone who I knew always told me, “ Nara it’s just a rock!” and I use to say “ya, but it’s a red rock.” I now laugh, but really I still want to explore this rock! Many backpackers who I knew visited this wonder of the world and told me, Nara you are right!! Amazing site to see!!!

So if you have no idea what I am talking about it, check it out. This rock has much history behind it, but within the last few years many people want to keep that history restored.

The Ayers Rock, which is also known as the Uluru, by it’s Aboriginal name, is now begin considered to be closed to all climbers. As it said in the national geographic in late October this year, “ Giant Rock to be closed for Religious Reason?” Now, if you are an obsessive backpacker like me, who wants to visit all the wonders of the world, well I say better hurry to see this one!!! So why I am eager to see this ROCK, well depending on the time of day and the weather, this rock changes colour!!!!! Oh yes, it turns colour from a bright red to violet and to even blue! This rock has a vast amount of culture, which is very significant to the locals. Plus this landmark represents dreams, traditions, existences, stories, and defines daily life to Australians, which makes it even more intriguing in why to visit this wonder of the world.

For backpackers, it can be quite difficult to get to this site, since it is located in the middle of Australia. The most common way to reach this site is by car. There are many versatile ways in getting around the Uluru roads that lead to the rock. However, since it is in the outback and road conditions can be a little awful at times and a tour guide or going with a bunch of other backpackers maybe the best option to take. But the closest city near Ayers Rock, to stay a night or two is Alice Springs. It’s a very small place, but if you want to see the sunrise and sunset on the rock, I say catch a sleep or two in this village. Plus meeting locals and hearing the history and traditions about this rock is so worth the trip! So can you see now, why I really want to explore this wonder of the world!?

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