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What Backpackers Shouldn’t Do

Whether you are new to backpacking or not, there are some fundamental rules to follow. Yes, I know what you are thinking RULES?… for backpackers!! But yup, trust me there are a few you will want to follow!

Don’t annoy the people sleeping in your dorm

Sleeping in hostels means sharing your room with other backpackers. This can range anywhere between 4 to 12 people per room, on average. So if you want to go out partying late, that’s fine… but don’t puke, yell, fart, snore and bump into everything when entering the room if your fellow backpacker friends are already sound asleep! One really important rule, never turn a bright light on when it’s the middle of the night!! As a backpacker I would try hard to keep quite because when it comes to you sleeping and others making a rack it, its very annoying.

Don’t Use All the Space in the Hostel’s Kitchen

Most hostels allow backpackers to cook in a common kitchen. This being said, that means you’ll be sharing counter space as well as the stove and fridge with fellow backpackers so don’t use up all the space. DO share! Oh… and please don’t cook something that will smell up the entire room! Also when it comes to shopping and putting food in the fridge;don’t take  all the space. Oh and I almost forgot to mention, make sure you know how to cook and not burn!!! Trust me people don’t like the smelly burnt smoke air.

Don’t try to pick up a local if you haven’t showered

Showering is an option when you are a backpacker traveling in remote places. However, if you plan on picking up some good-looking local at a bar, do make sure shower. I’m sure no local will appreciate talking to a stinky backpacker.. you’ll miss out! Greasy hair and shoes with holes in them is not attractive, plus we all know this. Cause when it comes to reality no one picks up looking like a dirty rag.

Don’t Trust too Easily

Backpacking is synonymous to adventure, partying, chilling, exploring and fun! This being said, you’ll be meeting lots of people- either local or tourists. So be smart. Don’t disclose pesonal information to random people. Don’t trust people too easily. Do use your judgement! If you have a bad feeling about something or someone, go with your gut feeling because you are most probably right.

Don’t Overpack

Backpacking means traveling light. There is not need to have 10 tops, 10 bottoms, 5 pairs of shoes, enough toothpaste for 6 months, etc…. pack only a few items of each, wash your clothes and refill your products regularly. As you travel, you will most probably buy local items so you want to make sure to have some space in your backpack. You can find whatever you run out of when you get back to a city. You’ll have to carry all the weight, so why not spare the back aches?

So these are only a few important things you shouldn’t do as a backpacker, but trust me once you start getting the hang of things, there are much more RULES!! It’s all about experiences and dealing with them at the moment.

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