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New Years Eve Traditions Around the World

Happy New Years Eve Everybody!!!!

New Years Eve night is filled with traditions and celebrations, but around the world those traditions are very much different. Every country celebrates new years in a unique way and below are just a few great traditions I found interesting.

Cities such as Sao Paulo and La Paz have a tradition such as putting on brightly coloured underpants on. The residents do this in hoping for a successful year ahead. But you must be specific in what colour you wear since they all mean very different. So this New Years Eve will you be wearing bright underpants?

In Spain once the New Year hits the Spaniards start eating 12 grapes. They eat as many as they can once the clock starts ticking. I would say isn’t a healthy way to start the New Year?

In the Philippines traditions and celebrations are very much circular. Round shapes are displayed in resident’s homes to indicate the meaning of never ending. They focus on things such as round fruits and they wear clothes that reveal shapes such as polka dots.

In Denmark alcohol is taken to amount of plentiful. Once the alcohol hits the Danish, they start jumping on benches, tables, and chairs at midnight hoping to get rid of all those bad spirits.

In Ireland the customs are focused towards people throwing loafs of bread at the side of a house while speaking a prayer about a hunger-free year. Just like Christmas Eve in North America they gather for a large filling meal with the entire family for New Years Eve.

Many Italians feast off desserts all night which is from the tradition of St. Sylvester. Sweats such as apricots, plums and biscotti are eaten from 9pm to midnight, each sweet is significant for each of the months that gear up for the new year night.

Greece many families share and eat St Basil’s bread. Everyone eats this deep, sweet, baked dough, but who ever receives the piece with a coin in it is assured that luck is in the agenda for their upcoming year.

For us in Canada or the US we just party, with fireworks, lots of alcohol and really we just personally do our own wacky celebrations with many different traditions tide in.

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  • Noel

    True spaniards (especially Madrileños) take the 12 grapes tradition very seriously. Everyone each takes a grape at each chime of the clock for 12 times. It is considered bad luck if they don’t eat all 12 by the time it hits midnight. I thought this was a funny tradition.


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