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Looking Back at 2009

2009 was a year of many changes. I went from working full-time as a producer to part-time school to back to full-time work and between the mist of it all I did tones of traveling. It was a bumpy ride but it was year of finding out what I really wanted to do in life. Well you know the answer to that, ever backpacker knows that traveling non-stop is the number one dream. But really my two most important things I enjoy doing in life is traveling and working as a producer!!! I love it!! For 2009 I traveled Argentina and Chile. I usually take backpacking trips solo, however I wanted to switch it up a bit, so I took Gap Adventures. For being my first tour and all I was very skeptical is what the tour entailed as far as the people and adventures would work out.

I booked my trip only a month in advance, thinking that April would be the perfect time in going in regards to low season and weather. I was very right about low season, the flight only cost me $600 return, but as far as the weather went, well let’s just say it was cold. It was going into their winter season, but I assumed it was going to be around 20c. Once I arrived in Buenos Aires it was hot and beautiful, the perfect weather after a long winter hall. Plus this was also my first trip to South America and yes I was supper excited about this trip.

The tour really started with a 21 hours bus journey to Bariloche. Now let me tell ya, since you are thinking, yuck a bus ride!!! But no, these buses are incredible. It was like a business class seat on a plane with food, beds and television. It did not feel like 21 hours at all, time passed very quickly. Once we arrived in Bariloche the next couple of days were filled with wonderful activities such as water-rafting, hiking, exploring national parks, and a boat cruise. The next stop was crossing over to Chile to adventure into the town of Puerto Mont. As I mention before the weather was freezing and spending a day in the rain with little activities to do, wasn’t that great. So chatting in cafes was the ideal thing to do. However, heading up north the weather started to improve. We had a stop over in Pucon. The perfect place to climb a volcano, however weather was the issue once again. So the new solution to keep us busy was drink, party, and eat great food! We did go horseback riding (at which I almost died, check out my page of top five), and spent a few hours in a hot springs with lots of champagne. I must say it was a lot fun even though the weather screwed up a lot of the plans. After a few days spent in Pucon the tour headed for Santiago. A city that reminded me of many European cities. No matter how I experience any big city, I just love of feeling of being surrounded by culture, traditions, people and craziness!!!


The tour was only 2 weeks long, but it was an unforgettable adventure. Friendships were made, stories were shared, and over all I had the best first time experience in South America!! Next South America trip will be Brazil!! I now have Tanya to tell me the best spots to hit up!!! So 2009 was a great year of backpacking and now another backpacking trip is in order for 2010!!!

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