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In Salvador, Bahia

I don’t even know where to begin! The last 3 weeks (yes, my trip is unfortunately coming to an end) have been beyond incredible. The best decision I’ve made so far was to go backpacking alone. I met wonderful people and now have more places to travel to! I know I haven’t been writing so much but I’ve been so busy! When I arrived in Salvador last Saturday (don’t ask me for the time or date because I’m lost right now!), I was a little scared. Being in a new city by yourself is never really fun. But as I arrived to the airport in Salvador, I went directly to the tourist info booth and hopped on an omnibus to reach my hostel. Using only my Spanish to get by, I got there safely! But when I settled in my new room, I realized that the hostel was empty and that scared me even more. As I was ready to step out to grab a bite to eat, I met 3 Argentines in the lobby and of course, I now had new friends to share my dinner with.

The culture in Salvador is awesome. People here just love to dance. It’s nice to see and experience of course. I’ve visited a few beaches inland (Arembepe and Praia do forte) and then headed off to Morro de Sao Paulo. Nice little island but way too many tourists for my liking. Of course, I wasn’t by myself. On my first day in Salvador, I met up with Ruchir and Eduardo whom I had previously met in Rio. Through them, I met Ana, an actrice from Curichiba so I went to Morro with her. And there, we met more people, mainly Brazilians. Let’s just say my brain needs a break from Portuguese!

As the time to go home is approaching, I really don’t wanna! My 3 weeks in Brazil felt as if I were in 3 different countries: from the Amazon, to Rio, to Bahia, I experienced culture shock each time I traveled to a new location. I met awesome people and fortunately, I did not spend 1 day alone. I have so much I’d like to talk about but so little time because I actually want to be enjoying my time here. But I do promise to write about many different topics related to my trip in Brasil. I looooooooove it here!

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Tanya is an adventurous person who most enjoys the cultural aspect of traveling. She traveled to North, Central and South America, Europe, Africa and Europe. When she's not hiking mountains, she spends her time visiting local schools or families. It's a nice break from the 9-5 corporate life.

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  • Taz

    geeez, what a 3 week trip! have a safe trip home :)

  • Jenn

    Hi Tanya

    I am going to Bahia also in a few days. Any parts you would recommend. I am staying at a hostel in Pelourinho and then maybe go to Barra.

  • offtrackbackpacking

    Hi Jenn,

    I was only in Bahia for 6 days so I stayed in Salvador for 2 days, spent one day in Arembepe and Praia do forte (both are a MUST) and then in Morro de Sao Paulo. If you have more time, I heard great things about Chapada Diamantina and Itacare but didn’t have time to make it. I stayed at the Che Lagarto in Barra, it’s a good hostel! Email me at if you have more questions!! -Tanya


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